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The #1 Tai Chi Resource to Connect Teachers with Students, Individuals & Industry with Life-Giving Benefits and To Support Building a Positive Culture That Makes Sense

This site has been constructed to connect potential students with the great benefits of tai chi and for instructors as a vehicle to pass on their knowledge. We offer services to the corporate sector, individuals and instructors. We develop culture, deliver news, monitor research and furnish testimonials.

OUR SERVICES: Telescope Man
(1) helping individuals find schools for training

(2) connecting instructors with prospects, Success Graph

(3) impacting corporate gain through on-site tai chi, Searching

(4) providing a newsroom for personal experience, testimonials and medical research, Woman Speaker

(5) providing a forum for timely public and corporate discussion of principle, philosophy and wisdom.

Holding Hands
(1) To facilitate the growth of a positive culture (a living, breathing prosperity of values, lifestyle and artistic excellence; also the path and the way of the martial warrior),
Dancing Wild
(2) To make it normal to be spiritually involved in everything we do rather than just going through the motions to get the next best thrill (continuation and evolution rather than disconnection and segregation).

In this fast-paced world, we often reach for a crutch instead of building inner strength; we opt for a pharmaceutical patch instead of working to replace our weakness with strength; we become chaotic instead of centering the mind and we jump from here to there just to keep busy.

How have we come to characterize a culture where this is normal?

It is the hope of this website to help make a small difference in facilitating people's becoming their happiest and most productive by building themselves and/or their organization through their connection with us.

Our success comes from your empowerment. Thank you for making us successful.

Please contact Diane G at 561-367-7788 or Email Diane G at doitnow [at] dianegold [dot] com for further information about or to make contributions to this site.

Tai Chi Locator
This tai chi locator connects visitors with local qualified schools. Prospective students also get advice on how to choose the right instructor and training.

Finding Tai Chi
Finding Tai Chi is a brief overview of what to focus on when picking a tai chi or chi kung school or instructor.

Increasing Enrollment
Increasing enrollment for tai chi instructors is one of our main points of focus. We find tai chi students for qualified teachers.

Corporate Tai Chi
Corporate tai chi is the vision to make standard complimentary onsite tai chi for employee and corporate benefit, presented by a personal development professional, rather than a subject teacher.

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